Q: Are we insured?

A: Yes. Absolutely. We are fully insured by Flock, and can provide you with all of the legal paperwork prior to carrying out the job, should you require to see it.

Q: Who did we qualify with?

A: The company owner, Martin Eberlen, trained with ICARUS and became an ICARUS Pro Pilot via the CAA approved SUAS course, operated by Aerial Motion Pictures.

Q: can we fly at night?

A: Yes. We are fully qualified and licensed to fly after sunset, or before sunrise, maximising the most beautiful lighting situations of the day.

Q: What are the restrictions?

A: Our PfCO is approved and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, therefore we follow some strict guidelines. These include staying under 400ft, keeping the drone within visual line of site, obtaining special permissions from air traffic control and maintaining safe distances in built-up areas and near crowds of people.

Q: what are our imaging specifications?

A: We provide high resolution JPEGs and HD movie files after a job, but we always shoot our stills in RAW and colour grade our footage.

Q: can you provide any other filming or photographic services?

A: Yes. We can provide regular stills photography and moving image as well as post-production services on everything. If you require a full video edit then just specify this when you get in touch. We use the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to edit our material.